About Us

Eli HayonThe original Hayon Automatic Pan Greaser was invented by our founder, Eli Hayon in Jerusalem, Israel in 1963. Mr. Hayon was a bakery engineer and used his personal experiences from working in a bakery, combined with his engineering expertise, to design and develop a machine that would automate the very messy and time consuming process of hand greasing pans.

In late 1963, Eli and Lily Hayon arrived in the United States and introduced their technology to the worldwide baking market at the Retail Bakers Association trade show in Chicago.

We recently received a letter from a customer, recalling his early purchase, in which he writes

“We have one of the original select-a-spray pan greasers from the 1960’s. We purchased it at the RBA convention in Chicago…. Ali was fighting for the championship, as I recall. …We have used this machine 4-5 hours daily, 6 days per week since purchase. “

The hallmark of Eli Hayon’s invention has been the simplicity of its design, the functionality of the equipment, and its ability to produce results. In 1964, the Minister of Labor, from the State of IsraPRESTIGIOUS KAPLAN AWARD-1964el awarded Mr. Hayon the prestigious Kaplan Award which reads

“Presented on the recommendation of the Productivity Awards Committee in memory of the late Eliezer Kaplan to Mr. Eliyhu Hayon, Machinery Manufacturer, Jerusalem, for the development of an internationally important, highly efficient system of greasing baking pans. Through his perserverance for improvement and refinement, Mr. Hayon invented an easily operated, highly efficient, reasonably priced machine which reduces to minutes work which formerly took hours. This machine was accepted by the Baking Industry in this country and is in great demand abroad.”

Throughout the world, the Hayon Automatic Pan Greaser may be found in countless bakeries, as well as in cities large and small across the United States. The HAYON SELECT-A-SPRAY AUTOMATIC PAN GREASER has earned its esteemed reputation based up the reliable performance, superb results, and cost reduction provided to its customers.  Another recent customer writes

“We have been using our Hayon Pan Greaser for a couple of months and I have been doing some productivity studies on our operation and have compared this to our methods. Our productivity has increased over 300% and our labor has decreased over 75%. Everything all said and done, we will have a complete return on our investment on the machine back within 4-5 months…. The operational side has worked very well. Very simple, and very, very low maintenance needed on this machine.”

Hayon Manufacturing continues to value its reputation for manufacturing quality HAYON-SELECT-A-SPRAY equipment. Each machine bears the Hayon family name, and we want to make certain it is perfect and that our customers are completely satisfied. Our company only produces the HAYON SELECT-A-SPRAY; all resources and expertise are focused on making each machine that leaves our factory of the same quality and reliability as those which are still in operation after 43 years.