The Original Automatic Pan Greaser

Our equipment does what we say… we use the finest components, combined with our manufacturing expertise, to produce a piece of equipment that has been proven to provide years of reliable and continuous use…

Uncompromising quality… how many of your other pieces of equipment have a reputation for lasting over 56 years?… and give you a return on your investment within months….

Outstanding service…… when you purchase a HAYON, you are buying from a company that values its worldwide reputation ….. one phone call to our office and you will find yourself talking with the President… we take each inquiry seriously, and our customers know that we care to make certain they are happy with their purchase….

Simple to use….. requires no skilled labor to operate and has no complicated parts to breakdown…

Proven results!!!…… we are happy to provide testimonials from our customers…..

The others vs HAYON SELECT-A-SPRAY :

  1. Most can only spray oil, (Pan Oilers) not grease, therefore not provide 100% release like a HAYON.
  2. Are designed for specific pan size and solutions. Multiple machines for different pans and applications. HAYON is the most versatile system in the marketplace, one HAYON will meet all your spraying needs.
  3. Are exclusive to one particular product or solution. HAYON Sprays all liquid to semi-solid products.
  4. Unnecessary and complicated components such as electric sensors that require an engineer for daily operation and constant maintenance. HAYON, simple, reliable, and dependable.
  5. Most units are new to the marketplace by companies whose primary focus is not pan greasing. HAYON, inventors of the Original Automatic Pan Greasers has been serving the baking industry for 56 years. At HAYON, “we do one thing, and we do it right”, A product that has truly stood the test of time.
  6. Costly options and accessories. HAYON machines are all inclusive, no hidden costs