Grease Pans Automatically

  1. greases up to 3,000 pans per hour
  2. not exclusive to any particular brand of grease
  3. continuous spray patterns

Requires no skill to operate

  1. A major advantage of Hayon Spraying equipment is in its simplicity and ability to be easily operated by unskilled labor
  2. Simplicity in maintenance and operation
  3. No complicated programming prior to operation as found in spot spraying equipment

Uses no air, no heat

Prepares and homogenizes

  1. No Separation
  2. No down drip on pan walls

Built in Auto filtering and Self Cleaning System

  1. Recirculates solution through dual and triple filtering systems so that there is no loss of materials

Self Sufficient, light, and portable

  1. Fold down Recieving table
  2. Machine is on four heavy duty swivel casters with brakes for easy maneuverability

Quality construction- top grade stainless steel and top quality components

  1. Many of the original machines we built are still in daily operation

Full Washdown-Duty / Watertight Enclosures

Cuts labor costs by 400%; Saves 50% in material; 100% release maximizes life of pans

Machine is all inclusive; no hidden costs, no extra options to buy

USDA Approved; made in the USA

R.O.I in 6-12 months as reported by our customer base